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About Us

LAIZHOU HONGJI AUTOMOBILE FITTING CO., LTD. start as small factory in 2009. In 2017, our factory production capacity is 6000 PCs/day, has more than 200 partners all over the world, most are through their friend introduction. Our factory become the well reputation mark in the brake disc industry. Down below are the goods points on our quality.
1.DON'T outsource: We manage all process are done in our own factory, don't outsource the semi & finished discs outside. This make our quality same and stable.
2.Mold: Our factory have mold team, make mold by our own. By 2017, we have develop 4500 sets of molds, also it increase at speed of 5 sets each day. It biggest in the world. We don’t collect the mold cost.
3.Test: Our test is different from other factories. Other factory use spot test, our factory make 100%. We are the only factory make the test also for the drums. Balance test is the key point, some factory in order save this cost and have more profit, will save this process or spot test, this will cause the vibration problem. Our brake disc 100% qualified.  Never have vibration problem.
4.Experience: Brake disc & brake drum is complicated product, sometimes same number will match different size. Over 7 years, me & my colleague organize all these wrong size numbers, marked clear which market need which size. So we could make our correction to high rate. 
We take our customer as partners, we will face the problem & benefit together.